Friday, February 24, 2006

Where Is Mount Sinai

I was watching a program called The Naked Archaeologist on Wednesday on Vision TV. They were trying to find the real Mount Sinai. They first went to Mount Katrina, the traditional place where it is believed that Moses received the Ten Commandments. They do not believe it is Mount Sinai because there is no plateau for the thousands of people to stay, there is no water source, it is too steep for Moses to climb and it is too far away from Israel. They believe that the Hebrews would have taken a central route because going to the north would lead into enemy territory and going south would be long and difficult.

They would told to look at Sin Bisher which is a three-day walk from Egypt. But the mountain is not a holy mountain because in the Bible it says that Mount Sinai was the mountain of God.

Mount Kharkom was suggested because there are many religious relics and drawings on it. However, they found it was too far away for the Hebrews to travel to in 50 days.

By using measurements to find where Mount Sinai might be, they narrowed the area down. They believe the final key is the grazing goats that the Hebrews had. The second part will air on March 1.

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