Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rally Against Homo Marriage

On Saturday, about 30 people protested outside Kitchener-Waterloo Liberal MP Andrew Telegdi's office against his stance on same-sex marriage. There number is pretty pathetic considering thousands turned out for the protests against deporting illegal refugees in other cities and most of the people were older than 50. The spokesperson for Defend Traditional Marriage said that gay marriages hurt children, yet, as one gay couple mentioned, the protesters have no problem when single parents raise children.

The free vote that the Conservatives promised to bring forward for revisiting same-sex marriage will not happen until, at least, the fall session.

I wonder why Defend Marriage does not go to talk to my MP, Conservative Harold Albrecht, who currently working on a bill to toughen the Young Offenders Act. They should ponder which is more important.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kent Hovind's Day

This is from A Day in the life of Kent Hovind - April 25 to 29

Apparently Dr. Hovind had a bad weekend. He had problems with hisequipment in Port Huron, Michigan, he could not to sleep, was awakened by a party in the next room and missed his flight because the motel gave someone else his wake-up call. He was interviewed by LA Times during the trip to Port Huron. The only article I could find was on the Dinny the roadside dinosaur bought by creationists last year.

He is upset the "idiot" shuttle driver dropped him off at the wrong terminal, he notes that most of the employees are "Arabs" and the coffee was mistake because it tasted terrible, even with no alcohol.

The plane is cold, the crew had to photograph a dent in the plane, delaying the flight, and misses his radio braodcast as his cell phone is dead.

He complains about his "supermodel" stewardess with a miniskirt, apparently raised in a country without training on modesty training on how to sit. I guess he just committed adultery for thinking this. He, also, complains about some people speaking in German.

In Kansas, his driver is so excited to talk to him that the driver was not paying attention to the road and had to slam on the brakes many times. He was "mobbed" by fans after a debate in Kansas City.

His flight back had mechanical problems and was cancelled and he had to re-booked another flight. My cell phone screen quit working so I can only call speed dial numbers I know by heart.

Maybe, God is telling the "Doctor" it is time to take some time off. Apparently his CSE blogs and his Dr. Dino web site has not been updated recently. His schedule is basically his speaking engagements and not family. With the trouble he is in with DAL, he should really take a sabbatical.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Telemarketing And Poker

This Thursday, while at work, I answered the phone and it was a prerecorded message saying that I have an opportunity to win a stay at a resort in Collingwood. Apparently, they have been calling all over town.

On Firday night, I played in a freeroll poker tournament at for nearly three and half hours. Placed 25th out of over 11,000 entrants and played 211 hands. I made a chart of how well I did.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Roundabouts in Waterloo Region

Since last year, several roundabouts (often found in Europe) have been constructed in the cities. There is one being built in between Waterloo and Elmira on the 86. The road closed due to the roundabout and the bridge being rebuilt over the Conestoga River. Truck driving companies have been complaining that the roundabout is to small for trucks. Also, horse and buggies will have travel down the road through a pipe undeneath the road. But the pathway they have built seems to be not wide enough for buggies going opposite directions of the same side of the road. I hope that the engineers know what they are doing because this is a major route not an oridinary street in the city

Thursday, May 04, 2006

From Ardent Atheist

The Ardent Atheist
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My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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