Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Homo Sapiens

I watched The Nature Of Things: Homo Sapiens Part 1 today.

It explained how we evolved from the great apes of 7 millions. How we evolved from Australopithecus to Homo Habilis to Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens. It was mention that eating meat and its proteins helped gradually increased brain size of homo sapien and then they would be able to create more sophisticated tools. One scientist says that "we know evolution happened." Homo Sapiens would develop arts, religion, clothes and language during this time. They would bury the dead to perseve to memory of the dead and to fight off the anguish. This would lead spiritualism and religion.

There is discussion about if Homo Sapiens came out of Africa, evolved from Homo Erectus while they were in Europe and Asia or multi-region effect. It is noted that Homo Sapiens adapted quickly and their skin colour gradually changed as they approached colder climates. Homo Sapiens would eventually come into contact with their cousins, the Neanderthals in Europe, and Peking Man, Java Man and Homo floresiensis in Asia. They would interbreed and share customs.

Eventually, Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens created rafts and sailed across to Australia. Since Australia has never been connected to Asia, there was no way for humans and animals to walk across from Asia. Part two is next week.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

James Loney

James Loney, who spent four months in captivity in Iraq, says the Knights of Columbus is closing the Ontario Catholic Youth Leadership Camp because the chairman made reference to Loney in expressing his concern that the event was promoting a homosexual lifestyle.

Loney said he had been a staff member at the camp for a number of years before this year, when he introduced his partner, Jim Hunt, on national television upon his return from Iraq.

"This is the litmus test for us: we love God as much as the one we love the least, and that's what we've been trying to be about, as a leadership camp," Loney said. "We want the teasing and the bullying and the harassment that comes with homophobia to stop. We want the teenage suicide and the self-loathing of the closet to stop. We want people to be able to speak freely about what they are and what they believe without fear."

The Knights Of Columbus have offered no proof that the camp was promoting homosexuality, so it is obvious that they are embarrassed that they allowed James Loney to work there.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Reworking Web Site

I am planning to update my The Truth Hurts web site this weekend. I have changed the chapter titles and I am adding more information in. I hope that it will provide more insight and originality into what is wrong with the Christian right.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Canadian Immorality Poll

Sixty-five per cent of Canadians seem to agree with the Conservative government's belief that sex under age 16 is wrong which ranked fifth on a Leger Marketing survey of behaviour that Canadians consider immoral.

That belief was strongest in British Columbia, where 71 per cent of respondents said it was immoral, and weakest in Quebec, where 51 per cent agreed. Support was also stronger among women, at 68 per cent, than men, at 61 per cent.

Pedophilia was ranked the most unforgivable behaviour, considered immoral by 81 per cent of respondents. Extra-marital sex was second, condemned by 74 per cent of respondents. Womeen were more outraged than men about adultery, with 81 per cent declaring it taboo, compared to 68 per cent of men.

Prostitution was third considered immoral by 68 per cent of the 1,508 adults polled. Again, more women than men condemned prostitution, at 76 per cent compared to 59 per cent of men.

"We found that men are much more tolerant than women on most of these issues, except for abortion," said Christian Bourque, of Leger Marketing.

Thirty-four per cent of respondents disapproved of abortion, men at 35 per cent and women at 33.

The gap between the sexes was greatest on the issue of pornographic films, which 68 per cent of women considered wrong but only 46 per cent of men. Alcohol abuse, pornographic films, and blasphemy were condemned by more than 50 per cent of respondents.

Those were followed by abortion, which 34 per cent felt was immoral, and divorce, at 17 per cent.

Bourque said he was surprised that 31 per cent of respondents considered homosexuality immoral.

"That's a third of Canadians," he said. "This is one issue where still we haven't resolved our views collectively regarding homosexuality. We probably tolerate it much better now that we used to, but still I don't think we've resolved this issue in the country."

Contraception was last on the list, considered immoral by just eight per cent of those polled. The poll results have margin of error of plus of minus 2.6 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The Atlantic provinces were most conservative, with the highest percentages of respondents who considered prostitution, alcohol abuse, pornographic films, blasphemy, abortion, homosexuality, divorce and contraception immoral.
Respondents in Quebec and Alberta were the most tolerant of the behaviours put to them by pollsters.

Albertans had the lowest percentages when it came to prostitution, alcohol abuse, porn and contraception. Quebecers were the most tolerant of adultery, sex before 16, blasphemy, abortion and homosexuality.

I guess this shows the religious right, that Canadians do not care that much about bring back legislation against same-sex marriage and abortion.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

King James Or New International

For all those who say the King James Bible is more popular:
I did a search on Google Trends for the King James and New International Versions of the Bible. Pretty interesting.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Terror Plot Foiled

Canadian police arrested 17 people on charges conspiring to commit terrorism acts in Canada.

But American politicians are not happy, wanting to tighten the border and saying that Canada is refuge for Islamic terrorists. The suspects were born in Canada, they were alledgedly inspired by Al Qaida. New York Rep. Peter King warned Americans to be concerned about Canada because its lax immigration policy had allowed the country to become a haven to a ''disproportionate'' number of al-Qaida members.

Such comments are inaccurate and an attack on Canada's immigration policies. Americans should be reminded that the terrorists that planned 9/11 were Americans and were inspired by Al Qaida.