Monday, April 24, 2006

Natives Occupying Land

Last week, the Ontario Provincial Police tried, unsuccessfully, to remove some Six Nations natives from a residential development in Caledonia, Ontario. The police may have been asked by the developer to invoke a judge's decision to get them out and ended up arresting 16 people. Some of the protestors armed themselves with two-by-fours and crowbars. Now, the natives have set up barricades around the site.

Several years ago, there was a similar protest at Camp Ipperwash just north of Sarnia. Native Dudley George was shot and killed and there is an inquiry into his death. There was mention in today's paper that natives might protest a bridge that would be built across the Grand River in Kitchener to create a road from the city to the aiprort. This is despite that there are no native reserves in the region.

The natives better stop and think what they are doing. They have been asking the federal government to help with water quality in the reserves and I think iit is time that there should no longer have special rights in the Constitution when they abuse their rights.


Beatle_4 said...

I think you should get the facts straight before you put something up here. For starters, the men and women of the Six Nations did not arm themselves. The only thing they had that even remotely resembled a weapon was 1 or 2 axes used for cutting wood for the bonfires.

It drives me crazy when whites go around saying "our land" when in fact the land was given to the natives about 2 hundred years ago (6 miles on each side of the Grand River from the head down to where it empties into Lake Erie). There are now land disputes between the natives and the whites as to the proper ownership of said land therefore the problems that have risen.

What really messed things up was when the cops tried throwing their weight around. Now it's going to take twice as long to get this resolved.

I am not lucky enough to be a native person, but they have all the support I can give them.

Corey said...

According to K-W Record and CKCO, the natives had rocks and boards.
That is big chunk of land and there is development in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Brantford.
I have heard the natives want to "reclaim" land in the Bruce Peninsula.
Some of the natives have covered their faces with bandannas. Who do they think they are, Al Queda?

Mosq said...

corey those natives know who they are better than you ever will. if the system broke down, and everyone had to go and live off the land or in the woods or die, ask yourself, would YOU survive? or would they?