Monday, February 27, 2006

Questions That Creationists Cannot Answer

Who was Cain’s wife? This question was asked to William Jennings Bryan at the Scopes trial by Charles Darrow. Also, creationists do not know who was Seth’s wife. Creationist Kent Hovind claims that Cain’s and Seth’s wives were their sisters and that God allowed this kind of sexual relationship until Moses.

Did Adam live to 930 years old? How come humans cannot live that long?

What did Adam and Eve look like, what was their colour of their skin, did they have a vertical forehead, large brain and limb bones similar to us?

How old are the fossils that are found by scientists? Is the dating system accurate and if not, do creationists have a better system?

How could a large wooden boat float, would it not be prone to leaks without a steel frame?

How could Adam and Noah be giants and smarter than humans now? There is no evidence given by creationists to suggest that were giants and these humans must have been meat eaters to have big brains and be smarter, creationists believe they were vegetarians.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Abortion Ban In South Dakota

There is no doubt that there are anti-abortionists in the South Dakota lawmakers. The bill will not allow abortions even if the women was raped. Apparently, the lawmakers were bribed with an anonymous donation of $1 million to defend the bill.

Govenor Mike Rounds says he is pro-life but South Dakota has capital punishment, even there are only four inmates on death row and there has not been an execution since 1947.

Planned Parenthood should fight this tooth and nail and get South Dakotans to vote out legislators who approved the bill in the next election much like what happened when Dover, PA, tried put intelligent design in science classes.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Where Is Mount Sinai

I was watching a program called The Naked Archaeologist on Wednesday on Vision TV. They were trying to find the real Mount Sinai. They first went to Mount Katrina, the traditional place where it is believed that Moses received the Ten Commandments. They do not believe it is Mount Sinai because there is no plateau for the thousands of people to stay, there is no water source, it is too steep for Moses to climb and it is too far away from Israel. They believe that the Hebrews would have taken a central route because going to the north would lead into enemy territory and going south would be long and difficult.

They would told to look at Sin Bisher which is a three-day walk from Egypt. But the mountain is not a holy mountain because in the Bible it says that Mount Sinai was the mountain of God.

Mount Kharkom was suggested because there are many religious relics and drawings on it. However, they found it was too far away for the Hebrews to travel to in 50 days.

By using measurements to find where Mount Sinai might be, they narrowed the area down. They believe the final key is the grazing goats that the Hebrews had. The second part will air on March 1.

Elmira Downtown Changing

Elmira's downtown is changing. The Stedman's store, a small department store, that is closing will be turning into The Bargain Store. The owners decided to close because of big box stores in Kitchener-Waterloo. Recently, a burger restaurant closed and a diner continues to sit empty. With several dollar-type stores and the thrift shop opening in the downtown and a boarded-up hotel, Elmira's downtown is unattractive to people like me.

But the biggest problem might be that most stores are not open on Sundays, only the grocery and convenience stores are open. Stedman's was not open on Sundays nor is the hardware store and the drug store. With, at least one grocery store opening soon at the south end of town, more commercial development and the big box stores that are short drive away, the town's downtown will have improve its image as the town grows.

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