Tuesday, June 20, 2006

James Loney

James Loney, who spent four months in captivity in Iraq, says the Knights of Columbus is closing the Ontario Catholic Youth Leadership Camp because the chairman made reference to Loney in expressing his concern that the event was promoting a homosexual lifestyle.

Loney said he had been a staff member at the camp for a number of years before this year, when he introduced his partner, Jim Hunt, on national television upon his return from Iraq.

"This is the litmus test for us: we love God as much as the one we love the least, and that's what we've been trying to be about, as a leadership camp," Loney said. "We want the teasing and the bullying and the harassment that comes with homophobia to stop. We want the teenage suicide and the self-loathing of the closet to stop. We want people to be able to speak freely about what they are and what they believe without fear."

The Knights Of Columbus have offered no proof that the camp was promoting homosexuality, so it is obvious that they are embarrassed that they allowed James Loney to work there.

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