Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Canadian Immorality Poll

Sixty-five per cent of Canadians seem to agree with the Conservative government's belief that sex under age 16 is wrong which ranked fifth on a Leger Marketing survey of behaviour that Canadians consider immoral.

That belief was strongest in British Columbia, where 71 per cent of respondents said it was immoral, and weakest in Quebec, where 51 per cent agreed. Support was also stronger among women, at 68 per cent, than men, at 61 per cent.

Pedophilia was ranked the most unforgivable behaviour, considered immoral by 81 per cent of respondents. Extra-marital sex was second, condemned by 74 per cent of respondents. Womeen were more outraged than men about adultery, with 81 per cent declaring it taboo, compared to 68 per cent of men.

Prostitution was third considered immoral by 68 per cent of the 1,508 adults polled. Again, more women than men condemned prostitution, at 76 per cent compared to 59 per cent of men.

"We found that men are much more tolerant than women on most of these issues, except for abortion," said Christian Bourque, of Leger Marketing.

Thirty-four per cent of respondents disapproved of abortion, men at 35 per cent and women at 33.

The gap between the sexes was greatest on the issue of pornographic films, which 68 per cent of women considered wrong but only 46 per cent of men. Alcohol abuse, pornographic films, and blasphemy were condemned by more than 50 per cent of respondents.

Those were followed by abortion, which 34 per cent felt was immoral, and divorce, at 17 per cent.

Bourque said he was surprised that 31 per cent of respondents considered homosexuality immoral.

"That's a third of Canadians," he said. "This is one issue where still we haven't resolved our views collectively regarding homosexuality. We probably tolerate it much better now that we used to, but still I don't think we've resolved this issue in the country."

Contraception was last on the list, considered immoral by just eight per cent of those polled. The poll results have margin of error of plus of minus 2.6 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The Atlantic provinces were most conservative, with the highest percentages of respondents who considered prostitution, alcohol abuse, pornographic films, blasphemy, abortion, homosexuality, divorce and contraception immoral.
Respondents in Quebec and Alberta were the most tolerant of the behaviours put to them by pollsters.

Albertans had the lowest percentages when it came to prostitution, alcohol abuse, porn and contraception. Quebecers were the most tolerant of adultery, sex before 16, blasphemy, abortion and homosexuality.

I guess this shows the religious right, that Canadians do not care that much about bring back legislation against same-sex marriage and abortion.


Bro Tim said...

Corey I read some more of you websites. I agree with you on Benny Hinn, and Popoff they are fakes. I believe healing only comes from God. Where do you stand on the issues of homosexuality, and abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, divorce. I am curious because I see you give information on these but really am not clear where you stand. Also out of respect to Kristina and her parents please do not leave anymore comments on her website. That is why she didn't respond back to you. I know you believe you can get to heaven by doing good for mankind. I wonder something I do good for mankind so if that is how you get there I will, but Corey what if I am right about having a personal relationship with Christ, and you miss it. Is that really a game you want to play? I really am concerned you really do seem like a bright guy, and you are loaded with information, but sometimes are intellect can get us into trouble. Corey I can't explain how I know I am right but I know that something changed in me when I trusted Christ as my Savior. My conversation changed, My desires changed I wanted to go to church, and read the Bible and Pray as before I didn't want too. Like I said in my post on heaven Christianity is built on faith, not in something I see. I know the Bible is true, and I know how my walk with God is. Corey are you willing to take a chance you are wrong and stand before a Holy God like I said if it is by works for mankind I have done plenty of that so I don't lose, but if it is as I say you lose everything. I just asked you think about it. I have study out evolution, and I know where I stand on this issue. You know where I stand I believe what God says IN the beginning God... I am not trying to pick a fight which I really was trying at first, but I am just concern for your soul. We did not meet by accident. Have a great day Corey.

Bro Tim said...

Corey I do respect your views however I do disagree with them. I do know this that one day we will know who is right and who is wrong. I hope you still stop by occasionally and see what is going on my site until then have a great day.

Bro Tim said...

Corey also I never told you you were going to Hell. I told you what the Bible says. The Bible is my final authority. I don't know if you know Jesus or not only you do, and as far as family in heaven you are right you will not see them. But do you want to spend eternity away from God. May God bless you.

Corey said...

Bro Tim,
If I am not going to hell for not being "saved", where am I going to go when I die?

Bro Tim said...

Corey If you are not saved by the blood of Christ the Word of God says that is where you will spend eternity.

Steve F. said...

Hi there,

I just came across this blog from a web search and I just wanted to comment on the fact that it's truly unfortunate that Canadian values have sunk so far. The fact that only 31% of Canadians regard homosexuality as immoral is sad. I mean, I know it's great that there are still a big chunk of citizens there who believe it's wrong, but it's still sad. This helps me understand why the Canadian government gets away with so much nonsense that they pull.