Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hovind's Arrest

Over the past few days, I have been looking over several web log posting on Kent Hovind's arrest. He was charged on Thursday with tax evasion (or is that ovasion?), Filing a frivolous lawsuit against the agency demanding damages for criminal trespass, filing an injunction against an IRS special agent, filing false complaints against the IRS for false arrest, excessive use of force and theft and making threats against investigators and those cooperating with the investigation.

After Hovind protested the charges, the judge took away his passport and guns Hovind claimed belonged to his church. Earlier this week, I tried to asked on Hovind's blog if he has informed people about his no contest pleading for the Dinosaur Adventure Land permits.

On a side note, I made a comment on blog that support Hovind and creationism. It was noted posted, so I informed about Hovind's arrest. He e-mailed me saying "if you've got beef with Kent, good for you. I don't care what he's done as a person, I believe in what he believes in."

I replied that he should care about what he has done. I said when the truth comes out Hovind will not be going to heaven and who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows the fool? (from Star Wars)

He replied back that the "Fool has said in his heart, there is no God (from the Bible). Creation is proof of a creator, just as a painting is proof of a

He replied back with the proverb, A fool and his money are soon parted. i said that science has proven evolution, not creationism. I mentioned an article from the Associated Press shows that Darwin's finches having evolved a smaller beak after the arrival of a larger rival for its original food source.

I said "there is no credible evidence to suggest the universe and the earth is young and there is no evidence to suggest humans were created from modified dirt. If God is ominpotent, why can't He use evolution to create? Do you want to believe a big lie rather than the truth?"

I e-mailed me "are you 100% sure that you're right? And are you 100% sure that
you'll go to heaven if you were to die right now?"

I replied back "are you sure that YOU are right? Can a blind man lead
a blind man, will they not both fall into the pit?" (quote from the Bible)

"Apparently, you are denying the truth since you are either, unable or unwilling, to provide me with any evidence of creationism. Anyone who says I will not get to heaven, will not get to heaven."

I am waiting for a reply back.


Corey said...

I received several more e-mails from Brandy Dary.

He said that he did not say that I was not going to heaven. He said thatif you want evidence for creation to look around and visit

I wrote back asking him how can he convince me that creationism is reality, when he does not want to explain it to me in his own words. I said this tells me that he does not even understand creationism, much less evolution.

I gave more proof that the universe is not 6000 years old, that the earth is not 6000 years old and errors of Hovind's seminars.

He wrote back that we will just have to talk about this in eternity. Although he is not sure we will be in the same place. And he asked me if I believed I am saved and born again.

I asked if born again and being saved mean living blindly and not being intelligently designed and that, if so, I rather live in reality. I said, if you want believe that you are saved, then that is your right. But if you try to convince me that I need to be saved, you will fail.

He said that, now, he does not care if I believe about the age of the earth. Hesaid if I have repented and put your faith in Christ alone for my salvation, then we will just find out the truth when we get to heaven, and "if you are right, I'll give you a quarter (if there's money...)"

Again he asks me if I am saved and born again because that is what he cares about.

I ask "why is being saved and born again important to you? What about family? What about friends? What about the world we live in? Do you not care about these things?"
"I live my life in the here and now. Only God will be able to tell me if I need more faith in Him."
"It seems to me that your concern about being saved means that you have done something really bad and that you are afraid of not getting to heaven because of it."

His last e-mail said:
"Alright. Read your bible everyday, and obey what you read.
Good Luck"

Johnny said...

Excellent correspondence, Corey. Brandt is much like any other Christian fundi - so closed-minded and unwilling to admit doubt that they just become arrogant and uninteresting.

Amy said...

Good luck with your debate. I figure that since you know about the satirical nature of the blog I have, it's OK to give you the thumbs up on what you've written.