Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Satirical Blog

For a couple of weeks I wrote comments to Jesus Loves Amy: America's Best Christian. It is written by a 16-year-old girl who is being home schooled by her mother. Se believes in Creation Science and she ministers to people like homosexuals and atheists. Her mission is to protect people from the sin's of people like Richard Dawkins and Friederich Neitshcze.

For several posts, I argued with her evolution existed, Kent Hovind is a liar and the Bible cannot be taken literally. I also questioned her numerous spelling errors such as "intellegent" and "evilution." I even wanted to help her.

I am was e-mailed by Daryl Cobranchi who said the blog is satire and is written by a guy. I was wondering because she never mentioned "her" father, and when i asked, "she" got upset. It is rarely that I am fooled that easily if it is satire.


Amy said...

Congratulations. Have a cookie.

oku said...

Let's hope Sprittibee isn't a hoax as well ;-).