Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kent Hovind Complains

Apparently, Kent Hovind has decided to speak up about being arrested for tax evasion on his CSE blog. This is despite being "advised by counsel not to discuss the case openly yet."

First off, he claims that IRS "dragged" his "sick wife" out of bed and handcuffed her in her nightgown and refused to let her get dressed or go to the bathroom. He does he seem to think that the authorities should give them special privileges.

He states that "if the charges are dropped or we win in court, will the media publish that? I have said for years that people who love God should cancel their subscription to the liberal paper and support missionaries with the money. Will the pastors and other Christians who have spread malicious rumors about me repent, apologize and undo the damages?"

He continues to claim that he is falsely accused and calling the evolutionists cowards for talking about the charges and God will be the final judge.

When Hovind dies, he will to say to God "Lord, Lord did I not prophesize in your name" and God will say "I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoer." (paraphrase from Matthew 7:22-23)

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